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Social media campaigns and management


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Our social media bundles come in three tiers, allowing you 2, 3 and 5 social media platforms management.

BRONZE (Facebook only)SILVER (Any 2 channels)GOLD (Any 3 channels)PLATINUM (Any 5 channels)
Cost per month$120$350$400$450

Choose from the channels below.


ActivitiesSILVER (Any 2 channels)GOLD (Any 3 channels)PLATINUM (Any 5 channels)
Facebook account creationYesYesYes
Facebook timeline status posting4816
Facebook fan page creationYesYesYes
Facebook profile optimizationYesYesYes
Post sharing in groups4816
Theme related cover photo122
Facebook groups creation135
Facebook group join135
Video sharing (provided by client)YesYes
Call to actionOne timeOne timeOne time
Facebook review postingYesYes
Deleting unwanted spamYesYesYes
Facebook event creationYesYes
Sponsored AdsAdditionalAdditionalAdditional
Page likes50100150


ActivitiesSILVER (Any 2 channels)GOLD (Any 3 channels)PLATINUM (Any 5 channels)
Twitter account creationYesYesYes
Hashtag trend researchYesYes
Cover photo creationYesYesYes
Sponsored tweetsAdditionalAdditionalAdditional
Twitter listYesYes


ActivitiesSILVER (Any 2 channels)GOLD (Any 3 channels)PLATINUM (Any 5 channels)
LinkedIn account creationYesYesYes
Profile optimisationYesYesYes
Theme related cover photoYesYesYes
Targetted Linkedin ConnectionYesYesYes
Company page Creative Banner123
Company Page Followers IncreaseYesYesYes
Relevant Group Joining/Sharing1510
Linkedin Pulse Posting23


ActivitiesSILVER (Any 2 channels)GOLD (Any 3 channels)PLATINUM (Any 5 channels)
Pinterest account setupYesYesYes
Profile OptimizationYesYesYes
Board Creation3510
Website VerificationYesYes


ActivitiesSILVER (Any 2 channels)GOLD (Any 3 channels)PLATINUM (Any 5 channels)
YouTube Channel CreationYesYesYes
Channel OptimizationYesYesYes
Video upload (Provided by Client)YesYesYes
Video Submissions102050
Video Sharing in social mediaYesYesYes
Video SubscribersYesYesYes
Youtube Discussion PostingYesYesYes
Youtube Video ViewsYesYesYes
Comment ModerationYesYesYes

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We are designed to increase trust in your brand in the online world. Through our dedicated SMO Company Adelaide, we use various social channels to promote your product/services and raise brand awareness.

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Bronze (Facebook only), Silver (2 channels), Gold (3 channels), Platinum (5 channels)