Keyword Cannibalization

Let’s face it that finding a keyword which will rank on Google is a nerve cracking task. And once we finally find a keyword which ranks on Google, we tend to use it repeatedly. But do you know that it causes keyword cannibalization? 

Yes, keyword cannibalization is the reason that your website isn’t ranking anymore even after using the keyword that ranked you at first. Yes, there can be many more issues that your website isn’t ranking and if you want them fixed look out for website design services Adelaide. But what does keyword cannibalization mean and how can one fix it. Let’s find out!

What is keyword cannibalization?

Essentially it means that you have multiple blog posts or pages on your website that can rank for search query in Google. That might be because they cover a similar topic or maybe just because you optimized for a key phrase you saw potential in. 

This might not sound so bad; it just sounds like you might be trying to lock out the first page in the set. But, if you’re optimizing these web pages for similar queries, they could be eating away at each other’s chances to rank. 

This is because search engines like Google will only show a couple of results from the same domain in the search for a specific query. It can quite simply be explained as you are confusing Google. As it becomes more difficult for it to decipher which page, if any, should rank for that keyword.

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How to fix keyword cannibalization?

  • Merge. If you’ve identified 2 pages that could be one, then make it so. Combine the content of both and make it a single page. Not only will this help the cannibalization issue, but Google likes lengthy well written content.  
  • De-optimize. You can also look at de-optimizing a page. You can do this by looking through the content on one of the pages and removing any references of the keyword that’s a cannibalization issue. But remember, Google search engine considers other factors as well. You will also have to update the internal links mentioned in that page.
  • Canonicalize. If the two competing pages are duplicate or near duplicate, you can use a canonical tag which is snippet of html code to help tell search engines which is the main page for that keyword. This means that the main page should be indexed and means that you can keep both pages live but with a clear hierarchy for Google. 
  • No index tag. If you wish to keep both the two pages having similar content or having cannibalization issues, one to improve the organic traffic and one for internal usage by the users then you can add something called no index tag. This means the no index page won’t show up in search results and should help any cannibalization issues. But it will still be live on your website. 

With websites getting bigger and bigger keyword cannibalization is becoming a more common issue for SEO. But fortunately, not too tricky to solve!