Terms and Conditions

Top Web Directories PTY LTD is a registered company under the Corporations Act 2001 and is registered in South Australia.
Australian Company Number: 623 451 516

Top Web Directories is skilled in creating and augmenting Google Map listings for business purposes. *** Please note that Top Web Directories is neither owned nor associated with Google. ***
Top Web Directories utilizes social media, email and phone calls to inform businesses of their services to create websites, provide SEO, business listings, PPC campaigns and social media management and will not sign up anyone under the age of 18 or anyone who appears to be not in sound mind due to legal obligations.

Any point of view or opinion expressed by a particular individual within the company is such of that individual unless otherwise stated. It does not necessarily express the view of Top Web Directories as a company.

Top Web Directories cannot manipulate any testimonials posted on your Google My Business page but will support and advise on how to deal with undesirable reviews.

It is explicitly stated that all sorts of internet communications comprising emails cannot be guaranteed secure or error free. While we (Top Web Directories), have taken significant measures to curb and control the widespread the viruses on its systems. However, it is hereby, pronounced that it does not provide 100% guarantee that the emails, comprising any kind of attachment with it, is totally virus free or it does not contain any other harmful matters and we (Top Web Directories) do not accept any responsibility in case of any loss or harm resulting from the receiving, opening or using it.

It is stated that any emails or files transmitted from Top Web Directories are highly confidential and solely subjected for the utilization of the person whom it is addressed to. It may be subjected to copyright as well. In such case, if you have received any mail from our side in error, please inform our customer service team at customer.services@topwebdirectories.com and delete the email or message from your system as soon as possible.

Top Web Directories will contact the customer and confirm their personal details provided when they had agreed to use the service. Until the information is confirmed by the account owner or agreed designated representative, Top Web Directories cannot move forward with the process of delivering the service. Such measures are actioned to ensure no errors are documented during collection of personal information. Following this, an agreed set-up fee; at the point of sale, to the value + GST as applicable, will be charged to the designated bank account provided.
At point of sale, it is agreed that the designated bank account will be charged a monthly rolling direct debit to the price agreed + GST. 
*** Please note that the monthly direct debit is activated at point of sale and not when the business listing is visible on the front page of a Google search. ***

You comprehend that it is a monthly scheduled rolling contract. You can opt out of your contract providing Top Web Directories with 30 days’ notice by phone call or email to customer.services@topwebdirectories.com. You also understand the fact that the cancellation notice requires a confirmation email from Top Web Directories in response to your request for your contract to be terminated.

You comprehend and agree that any stage of failure of payment agreed with Top Web Directories gives us the right to seize refunds or time-bound guarantees, as it affects the work load of our technical service team. The services will be stopped and your ranking can drop down the page on Google. Your Google listing will not be removed.

As the internet is continuously evolving, Google’s strategies, procedures and algorithms advance too. Under the circumstances, Top Web Directories cannot anticipate an exact time-frame that a business listing will be visible on the first page of Google. However, we pride ourselves on our work and offer our guarantee that “Within the 90 days period of authentication, if Top Web Directories could not get at least one of your chosen keywords into the Top 3 / 10 poll positions on the Google map listing section in your local town, you would be eligible for refund costs of your bundle, minus admin fees ($50 local / $100 city PCM”. Since, you comprehend that your business listing position will keep fluctuating in the first 90 days because they are simply manipulated by Google and agree to get in touch with Top Web Directories for support at customer.services@topwebdirectories.com in case of any concerns that you may have.

Quite often Google requires businesses to re-verify during and after the set-up process. Under these circumstances, you comprehend that it can affect the forecast set for your ranking position. It may also shed effect on the 90 day money back guarantee, if Google re-verification transpires during that period. The Top Web Directories team give their best to restore the ranking. For any concern, you can contact and converse the matter with your designated account manager.
If your business ranking goes down after the tenure of 90 days due to Google algorithms and vagaries, a refund is neither entertained nor is it eligible. In this case, please inform us of your concerns at customer.services@topwebdirectories.com and Top Web Directories will re-optimize the listing and consistently work hard to achieve and maintain your poll position listing.

If you have any queries or concerns please contact us on 08748 2495 or email us on: customer.services@topwebdirectories.com

If you have any queries or concerns please contact us on 08748 2495 or email us on: customer.services@topwebdirectories.com